Chemistry ia examples

Confused about what a Research Question is? This guide will help you understand what they are and how to pick a good one. The Internal Assessment IA is a mini-research project. It is an opportunity to show-off your chemistry skills and knowledge and investigate interesting ideas without the pressure and constraints of the written exams. The IA requires you to design and carry out an original investigation into a topic of interest related to IB chemistry, then produce a 6 — 12 page report of your findings.

Central to your IA is the research questionaround which your entire project revolves. Your research question states the aim and context of your investigation. It may be phrased as a statement or a question and it can be in more than one part, provided that each part is properly defined and focused on a common aim.

Importantly, it needs to be fully focused and clearmeaning someone reading it should understand what you investigated, the context, and what you did experimentally. The research question should not simply be a restatement of your project title. Your research question should contain your independent and dependent variables note this is a recommendation, not a rule. You will also need to identify controlled variables, which are things that if not controlled and kept constant, will potentially affect the experimental outcome.

Here are some examples of weak or uninteresting independent variables and how they could be improved:. You should be able to generate a hypothesis describing how your dependent variable will change for a given number of independent variable values usually, a range of values.

Your hypothesis predicts how your independent variable will affect the outcome dependent variable. But wait, this is NOT a good project idea! The independent variable here is type of vegetable. This is not a quantifiable variable! The outcome of the project is not rooted in scientific principles that can be investigated and correlated, so this would be a weak IA. You must choose a project where you will change something over a range of values and then measure an outcome.

Tablet brands or types of fruits are not independent variables. IAs sometimes seem to have a weak connection between the research question and what was actually done. Here are some examples:. You have to pick a project that enables you to show initiative and creativity, and that is demanding to investigate. Projects that can often be reliably executed are physical chemistry projects involving data collection experiments.

chemistry ia examples

Often, you will be able to find very reproducible experimental procedures that you can adapt for your project idea For example:. However, just because physical chemistry projects tend to work well in the lab and produce good results, it does not mean you are guaranteed to get a top mark by picking one. You are marked on the quality of your research and report, not just how well the experiments worked and how good your results are. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

Notify me of new posts by email. Table of Contents. Note that for projects involving measurements of physical properties or molecular modelling, you might have a physical system or a molecule instead of a chemical reaction. Think about which factors will affect the reaction, focusing on only those that are relevant and that can be measured and controlled Determine what it is you will deliberately change, how you will change it e.

Independent variable : the thing you are going to deliberately change in order to see the outcome. Dependent variable : the variable you will measure. Weak independent variable Better independent variable Effect of cooking time… Effect of cooking temperature or pH Effect of number of halogen atoms… Effect of halogen electronegativity or atomic radius Time taken to digest a tablet… Rate of hydrolysis at different pH.Here is my Chemistry IA.

For the IA, I suggest choosing an experiment to which there is already an answer. As boring as it is, it does grant you a higher mark, because you can easily calculate your total error because you can use a pre-existing literature valuewhich helps in your evaluation.

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Planning ahead is imperative for the IA: set a date by which you want it finished and work to reach that goal. In addition, if you use R squared, explain its mathematical meaning and then link it to your conclusion where you state whether you have faith in your results or not.

Why should scientists care? The basis of the investigation should be linked immediately to a recognisable real world issue hence your investigation may have results of some benefit to the scientific community. One thing I might suggest depending on the nature of the RQ is putting a null hypothesis too but of course science is not quite as binary as that, but if it is simple enough, it could work.

Methodology : I recommend planning early. Spend as much time planning it as you possibly can — a well planned experiment will be one that is difficult to be critiqued. Consider exactly why you chose your independent and dependent variables and the values of the former. Justify this with research. The controlled variables must be explicitly linked to your dependent variable e.

Limitations should be pointed out. Limitations are not weaknesses. A limitation with an experiment that finds the relationship between sodium ion concentration and the rate of neurogenesis in the hippocampus of the brain is that its results are not applicable to other parts of the nervous system. Weaknesses like using high uncertainty apparatus should be addressed in the evaluation. Analysis : I would point out that if your standard deviation is high for a particular set of values, look for an anomalous point, check the SD without it and if necessary, remove it using a reduction in SD as justification for doing so.

Try to explain what R squared is as well if you can. Also, the strengths of the experiment should also be explained clearly.Stuck for ideas for your Chemistry IA? Here is a list of 50 ideas that should hopefully inspire you to come up with an excellent IA of your own. Carl is a highly experienced Chemistry tutor who is available for one-to-one online tuition.

After being contacted by a frustrated chemistry teacher whose students were copying ideas from this list to use as their IAs, I am adding the following disclaimer:. The links are to sites or documents that give more information about the practical procedures involved. Get in touch to arrange a session with Carl. Carl is a highly-qualified tutor, teacher and examiner of chemistry with an outstanding track record of helping students to achieve top grades in science. This is great!

Thank you! This will be very helpful in coming up with a science fair project idea. Your email address will not be published. How to get full marks on source questions in History A Level: 1.

Using the content of the source C grade. Tutor applications Tutor login. International Baccalaureate IB. About Blog Tutors. Chemistry IB IA ideas Carl Owl Tutor. November 13th, Edit After being contacted by a frustrated chemistry teacher whose students were copying ideas from this list to use as their IAs, I am adding the following disclaimer: This is a list of ideas onlyintended solely as a starting point or source of inspiration for students stuck for ideas Its aim is to give examples showing how different topics in the IB chemistry syllabus can be linked to real-world investigations It is not a list of ready-made IAs for students to copy, so do not copy directly from this list!

Finally, student should also be aware it is t heir responsibility to come up with a suitable IA title of their own. How many moles of chalk? Which conditions denature lipases? Contact us! More about Carl Carl qualified as a teacher in Chemistry inand now works as a tutor with Owl Tutors.

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If you enjoyed this post, you may enjoy the following:. J says:. February 25, at pm. Owl Tutors says:. February 26, at am. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.Andy Blanc's IB Chemistry. Search this site. Home Page. Conclusion and Evaluation. Data Collection and Processing.

Design Page. The Conclusion: In the conclusion you should discuss the results you obtained in relation to your hypothesis. Write a conclusion based on an interpretation of the gathered results. Compare your results with literature values if possible. Evaluation In the evaluation you should evaluate the method used. Write about the main weakness of the method used and the weakness in the method of manipulation of data. Suggest real improvements that can be carried out in the school lab to the investigation.

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Discuss further investigations that are of interest and can be carried out and new questions that could be posed. Aspect 1: Concluding Aspect 2: Evaluating procedure s Aspect 3: Improving the investigation States a conclusion, with justificationbased on a reasonable interpretation of the data.

chemistry ia examples

Evaluates weaknesses and limitations. Suggests realistic improvements in respect of identified weaknesses and limitations. Chem IA Aspirin Lab. Andy Blanc, Feb 24,PM.

Chem Ia Calcium Carbonate Lab. Andy Blanc, Feb 20,PM. Chemistry IA 2. Andy Blanc, Sep 16,PM.One of the most challenging subjects in IB is Chemistry, without a doubt. Unless you are a genius in that subject, you are bound to be met with hurdles along the way. In order to secure high scores, your write-up needs to be meticulously planned, well-researched and articulately presented.

You will be graded according to the following criteria — personal engagement, exploration, analysis, evaluation and communication. Are you having trouble picking a Chemistry IA topic? Let us help you get started; here are the 6 important questions you must ask yourself before narrowing down on one. Does studying the different nitrogen levels in fertilizers interest you?

chemistry ia examples

Are you curious to investigate the amount of caffeine content in different teas? If these topics induce a yawn, you should tick them off the list right away. It is very important to choose a topic that you take genuine interest in because like it or not, your report will ultimately reflect your level of enthusiasm and interest. Hence, rather than doing a copy-paste job of a topic, start with making a list of Chemistry concepts that intrigue you and then get down to choosing one that you can conduct in-depth research on.

Your research question will consist of independent and dependent variables. Independent variables refer to the variables that will be changed to measure the impact on the dependent variable and dependent variable is what you will be measuring.

You need to begin your report by providing background information to give context of the research. Hence, make sure you choose a topic accordingly. Remember to include only relevant details and not emphasize too much on the theoretical information. If there is already some research done on it, offer alternative methods you will be using to carry out the research.

Originality is a vital element while writing the Chemistry IA report. You will be graded on your independent thinking and creativity skills which is why the research you do needs to be challenging and needs to push you to go beyond the experiments you have done throughout the course of your curriculum. Hence, regardless of how strong a topic is, you need to ensure your research is feasible enough. For example, if your experiment involves the emission of toxic gases, you should not consider it.

Doing research and writing a Chemistry IA report demands a lot of time and precision. Before you decide to attempt it yourself, assess how much time you have left. If you have a busy schedule and are not sure you can give this crucial assignment your best shot, why not outsource it to writing experts such as Writers Per Hour.

Our team of writers have an excellent track record when it comes to delivering well-written, original IA papers as per your deadlines.

chemistry ia examples

So, get help with your Chemistry IA paper and be sure to get the grades you hope for. Investigating the impact of different isotopes on vibrational spectra and comparing them to experimental results.

Choosing a topic for your Chemistry IA needs to be well-thought of.Moderators: kgudgerbfinioMadelineBModerators. Quick links. It must be relatively creative in the sense that it can branch off of a previously completed experiment or a supported new one. It can be related to any chapter of IB HL. Some elements that are not permitted to be used are Alkali metals, strong bases and acids.

The topic must be connected to a real-life situation such as implications in the household. Some example of compounds that can be used are baking soda, vinegar, lemon juice, milk, soap, etc.

I would be very pleased if anyone can help me with this! Good Luck and Have fun with the experiment! We are working on our IAs in class and I am struggling to find an experiment that I can perform where I can measure the exact concentration of sodium in Gatorade to see if there is a difference between experimental sodium concentration and the labelled amount of sodium in Gatorade.

IB Chemistry IA Sample: Vitamin C

Is this a valid chemistry experiment or is there a more realistic experiment I could perform using the conductivity of Gatorade? I hope this helps. Please ask again if you have more questions. Jump to. Board index. All rights reserved.

Example IB Chemistry IA

Reproduction of material from this website without written permission is strictly prohibited. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our Terms and Conditions of Fair Use. Privacy Policy. Project Ideas.Do note there is a 12 page limit.

What worked in my school may not in yours. Please consult your teacher and heed any advice given as they are ultimately the ones marking your IA.

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My Chemistry IA. For this IA, I obtained 21 or 22 out of I was never told where I lost marks. Nevertheless, I sincerely hope that you find it a useful guideline during your IA process.

You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Include preliminary trials something that I would like to have included in mine but failed to.

Make adaptations to personalise the methodology. While I am not sure about other schools, my teacher enjoyed the fact that I had changed a pre-existing methodology and made it my own. I think this helps with the personal engagement section which several of my classmates lost one of two marks in.

Process the raw result. Have a treated result involving a degree of calculations to obtain another value. For example, my IA obtained a Current Amps value as raw data and processed this value to calculate conductivity.

Ask an Expert: Chemistry Internal Assessment Lab Ideas (HELP)

This ensures that marks for calculations and data score higher. Include 6 weaknesses and 4 strengths in the evaluation section. Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:.

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